New products for food service customers:
Spreadable flavored butters available in over 20 flavors in 5 lb tubs

Bakery departments can now offer garlic bread made with real butter with the ease of spreadable garlic butter.

Good Sandwiches become Great sandwiches; spreadable butter offers a moisture barrier for the bread and adds exceptional flavor. Examples: Horseradish Chive butter on a roast beef sandwich, Porcini Sage butter on a roasted vegetable sandwich.

Spreadable Roasted Garlic Bread
Spreadable Roasted Garlic Herb Butter- a short cut to profitable items in bakery.

-Spreadbale at refrigerated temperature, effortless execution for bakery employees
-Makes unforgettable garlic bread customers toast at home
-Can be used as an ingredient in pull apart breads or savory rolls
-3 mo refrigerated shelf life
-2 day ambient life once spread on bread
-Top quality ingredients create exceptional taste
-Consistency, convenience and saves on labor
-Custom blending/private labeling available
-Packaged in 5lb tubs