Lemon Pepper: Lightly flour a chicken breast, sauté in oil; when chicken is done, remove from pan; discard oil. Deglaze pan with white wine and reduce, remove from heat swirl in lemon pepper butter until creamy consistency and pour over chicken breast. Or, simply grill or broil chicken or seafood and add a pat of Lemon Pepper butter just before serving.

Scampi: Shrimp scampi in minutes: heat olive oil in sauté pan, add shrimp, and cook until just pink. Reduce heat, slowly stir in scampi butter so it does not separate. Serve over pasta. This garlic butter with a touch of lemon juice and fresh herbs is extremely versatile. It is delicious tossed on vegetables or used as a finishing butter for chicken or seafood. Or melt and use for dipping crab legs, lobster, steamed mussels, or artichokes.

Porcini Sage: The earthy flavor of this butter makes a memorable pasta dish. Simply boil pasta, drain, and then toss hot pasta in softened butter. Adds exceptional flavor to chicken or add it to chicken gravy. Also makes a impressive finishing butter for steak.

Tuscan Herb: This blend of fresh herbs and garlic can be used on practically everything. Grilled fish topped with a pat of Tuscan herb just before serving will impress any seafood lover. Toss this flavored butter with pasta or vegetables. Use this butter anywhere you use ordinary butter, imagine it in a baked potato.

Tomato Chipotle:Use when preparing fajitas or any dish that calls for a kick. Brush on grilled skewers of meat, chicken or vegetables as you remove them from the grill. Use instead of regular butter for an adult grilled cheese sandwich. Be daring for breakfast, fry eggs or cook hash browns in this spicy full flavored butter.

Chili Lime: Flavor you can savor, first the lime then a smoky chili taste that can liven up anything. Grill or broil seafood and top with Chili Lime butter; from there make fish tacos or just serve on a bed of rice. Grilled chicken or pork finished with this spicy butter stand out. Add to rice or vegetables for a flavor sensation.

Roasted Garlic Herb: Classic finishing butter for grilled steak, tastes just like the fine dining restaurants serve. Adds dimension to Alfredo sauce. Sautéed mushroom, nothing short of superb. Broil on crusty bread for the best garlic bread ever. Spread on pizza dough and add toppings. Garlic mashed potatoes in minutes. Boil pasta and toss with garlic butter - add steamed vegetables and cooked shrimp for an impressive meal in no time.

Black Truffle: This exotic taste will haunt your taste buds. The finest Italian Black Truffles are used in this spectacular finishing butter. Add a pat to grilled steak or seafood just before serving for an unforgettable experience. Add to steaming hot risotto or rice just before serving, the aroma alone will bring smiles to any gourmand.



Orange Honey: Delicious for breakfast, French toast, bagels, pancakes or on cream of wheat. Use as a glaze for grilled salmon or cooked carrots. Unforgettable on cornbread & hot biscuits.

Sweet Cinnamon: Think beyond cinnamon toast- a dab in hot oatmeal, or use on English muffins or bagels.  Substitute for regular butter when baking: apple pie, oatmeal cookies and graham cracker cheese cake crust-- are all delicious.

Caramel Sea Salt:Elevate breakfast with this simple addition, use on pancakes, waffles and muffins.  This butter is not just for the morning, try it on hot biscuits, sweet potatoes, butternut squash or hot crusty bread.



Pumpkin Spice: Take your Holiday meals over the top with this simple addition, use on pancakes, waffles and muffins. This butter is not just for the morning, try it on hot biscuits, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or hot crusty bread.



Epicurean Butter blends grade AA butter with the finest ingredients available to create compound or infused butters. Typically, restaurants use flavored butters as "finishing butter", added to a dish just before serving to add flavor and dimension to anything from a grilled steak to a steaming bowl of risotto. We encourage our customers to experiment and be creative: use Epicurean Butter everywhere you use ordinary butter. You will be astonished how just a pat of flavored butter can transform just about anything to a memorable dining experience. The ease and speed that Epicurean Butter offers to the home chef is invaluable. Epicurean Butter makes it possible to create restaurant quality meals without time consuming preparation.